As technology blooms to new heights in the modern world, everything from ordering food to processing insurance claims is possible through a software app. With the emergence of online claims management software, the era of electronic claims processing began, and TPAs and insurance providers can finally relax. However, to make sure you don’t mess up and use your online claims management software to its full extent; we are detailing you on the best claims processing practices below.

1. Always Submit Electronic Claims

If you have invested in a reliable online claims management system, don’t risk processing claims the traditional way. Electronic claims are fast and safe. They help you secure all the information in one place, and with the claims software, you can automate the entire adjudication process.

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2. Collect Deductibles

Before beginning the claims process, it is better if you collect the deductibles or a part of them from the claimant. Many times what happens is claimants try to walk away without paying deductibles. So, we suggest you collect the deductibles beforehand.

3. Check for Inaccuracies

A majority of the time inaccurate claims are processed due to minor errors and mistakes. It does not matter who uploaded the information, it is better if you go through all the uploaded data yourself. As all the information is present at one place on your online claims management software, it is easier to perform a check.


4. Don’t Delay Reports and Invoices

Customers don’t like it when their claims are delayed and a common mistake that many TPAs make is holding on to EOBs and invoices. Although you might want to revise them again, there are fewer chances of mistakes in EOBs and invoices processed by the modern online claims management systems.


Using the practices given above on a claims management system, you can provide better customer experience and services to your client. To help you in processing claims the most efficient way, DataGenix has manufactured the Claims software, which can also manage broker commission and process payments. To know more about ClaimScape, feel free to contact the experts at

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